In 1830, walloon volunteers marched on Brussels to take part in the revolution that will give birth to the Belgian Kingdom, the land of beer. To honor these courageous men, the brewers of Ecaussinnes created the 1830 beer range: Beers with character and flagship of their brewery.

The Brewery

Since 1970 and the takeover of the brasserie des carrieres by the brasserie du progres, the village of Ecaussinnes was no longer active in beer production.

In 2012, two beer aficionados decide to invest in the former brasserie d’Ecaussinnes, in order to revive beer production in the village. Substantive work was done to update the production and refresh the image of the brewery.

In 2014, the introduction of a new team gave a young and modern dynamic to the brewery.

In 2015, the brewery launched its own revolution….the 1830

The Team



Production Manager & Brewer


Stock Manager


Our Beers

LE ROI – Brown Beer

Traditionally brewed beer, whose complex taste imcreases with age. The high alcohol content, 10%, provides a warm, light and delightful aftertaste. Hint of coffee and slightly woody. 

LA LOI – Triple blond

High fermentation blond beer, with a glossy coat, rich and compact foam. This refreshing and aperitive beer is perfect to share with friends, and to accompany a meal. Alcohol content of 8%, slight and long bitterness on the finish, stimulated by a sweet flavor.

LA LIBERTE – Amber Beer 

Inspired by traditional Belgian beers, the 1830 amber is malty in character, with a caramelized and slightly roasted scent. Alcohol content of 7%, offering a sharp bitterness reinforced by sweet aromas resulting from the fermentation. Rich and compact foam. 

Comédie White

White cloudy beer, refreshing and aromatized through hints of orange and lemon. Alcohol rate of 4.9%

Comédie rosée

White cloudy beer, aromatized with cherry and rapsberry, whose sweetness reduces the bitterness of the beer. Alcohol rate of 4.9%

Comédie Violet

White cloudy beer, with a light bitterness and an alcohol rate of 4.9%. Long sugary and violet aftertaste in mouth.


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